Mouse scrolling the opposite of what you are used to?

After I upgraded my “new” Lenovo X140e to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1+”classic shell”(to give it the look and feel of Windows 7) I discovered the scrolling on the mouse pad was “backward” to what I was used to.

For instance, when I use two fingers to go “down” the mouse pad I expect the screen to roll down the page.  It wasn’t, it was moving the screen in the same direction I dragged my fingers.  So if I drag my fingers down, the screen rolls “up” the page.  While this sounds counter-intuitive according to my Chromebook (Aus C-300) this is called “Australian” scrolling.  In the Windows 10 Mouse settings menu, they call it “reverse scrolling.”  Somehow my “default” got set for reverse scrolling.

What if you want your Windows 10 machine to return to “regular” scrolling?  There is a fix.  I searched the internet… and it appears that if you dig far enough down into the mouse settings you can change the 2 finger behavior to “normal”.

First, you use the Cortana search box to find “mouse settings” and it offers you “Mouse and touchpad.”

Second, you click on the “additional mouse options.”


Third, you click on the “enable touchpad” settings button.


Fourth, you click on the scrolling listing on the “tree.”


Fifth, you select the “two finger scrolling”.


Sixth, you make sure the “reverse scrolling” box is un-checked.

Then start clicking, “apply” and “ok” until all the menus are closed. You should then discover that Windows 10 now scrolls like previous versions. eg. If you move you two fingers down the mouse pad, the screen scrolls down, just like it does when you use a mouse.