Good Work, Done Well


I am a boomer with 40 odd years of experience in a variety of professional, services and unskilled jobs.  This means I may have already done that job and could easily pick it up and do it again.  So if you need help, I can be helpful.

I have counted up and I have maybe 26 job titles to my name even though I have spent up to 10 years on the same job.  Contract work is like that.  Titles come and titles go.  What is important is what was the problem? What was there a good enough solution to get on with the job?  Was there time for an excellent solution?  How long before the last solution caused a new problem?

I love Consulting because it gives me a chance to see a new problem that has caused the problem possessor to grind to a halt.  And sometimes I can break the logjam or even offer a range of options to break the logjam.

What is bothering you today about your work/job/business?  Tell me about.  Please.






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