Asus c300M

I got this one used (after a month) on e-bay for about $174.  It is basically new.  It has a 14″ screen compared to the Samsung 3’s 11″ screen.  It is running an Intel cpu and chip set.  And it has a typical run time of 10+ hours before you have to charge it up.

So this Asus c300m is probably what I will stay with.  Its funny though, Intel has gotten busy and designed cpus/motherboard chip sets with excellent low power usage.  So for the moment Intel is handily beating the ARM folks at the low power usage game.


Author: Tom M

An IT guy with a long history. I started in computers when mainframes and later dial-up computer bulletin boards were what was happening. My bulletin board morphed into a website with downloads and my career has morphed into "do something" or you will get bored. I do projects involving IT Consulting and web development.

2 thoughts on “Asus c300M”

    1. I combine price sensitivity with snappy performance. If you buy an elderly Netbook and try to run it with Windows 7 you will find that it is not particularly quick. So I started looking for alternatives.

      I have an Acer Aspire One 722-0473 (C-60 with Radeon HD video). This netbook has, so far, been unable to boot the Chromium OS and the CR OS Linux both of which are “Chromebook like”. I have been able to install a Windows 7 like Linux called Zorin OS v9 (which has both 64 bit and 32 bit [lite]) versions as well as several other versions. But they all don’t have (at least out of the box) that Chromebook feel.


      For what I do, well over 95% of which is on the Internet, a good performing Chromebook c300 has been more that adequate.



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