Zen To Done

I ran across this book in Mp3 format at my public library.  It offers a light weight, low tech, easy way to improve you efficiency and effectiveness.  It even offers a “quick Zen To Done” implementation.  The tools are amazing easy to turn on and use.  A very small pocket notebook and a pen/pencil.  🙂

If you can’t find it at your local public library or through interlibrary loan you can buy a copy here:

Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System“>


Author: Tom G

A baby-boomer with a long Technology-Geek history and a even longer career in non-Technology-Geek work (I took what I could get, when I could get it). Do you remember IBM punch cards? I do. I am working, semi-retired, moderately Senior Citizen with a need to not get bored. So I am considering the possible insanity of going to graduate school. If it happens, I expect to come out with an MA in Communications Study that will allow me to write better and speak about what I know better.

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